Monster Exhaust Setup

The Key to the MONSTER Setup is the AWESOME appearance of ONE CONTINUOUS exhaust stack. Our Monster Range, including our popular "Aussie Curve Truck Exhaust" have SEAMLESS INTERLOCKING, achieved through a special Reduced End called a TAPERLOC. The TAPERLOC end is on both the CENTRE SPOOL and the ELBOW and enables ANY TOP STACK to slip onto the SPOOL and thus the SPOOL to slip onto the ELBOW. These two joints are then hidden with a WIDE CLAMP.

January main pic
Bullhorn Curve Monster 2
A 350 C Series 8inch WEST COAST CURVE MONSTER Pipe set up on a T950 Kenworth
A Fully Armoured Silverback T900 Legend with Stainless Steer Flares Single Fenders Chrome Monster Setup Air Intakes 2

Join the Silverback legacy and become a leading beast in the pack!